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Hello Human Being.

My name is Emily and this is my blog. I am a ex-pat (Is that a thing? It should be.). I wrote there for years and grew fiercely loyal to the site. It was really hard for me to start this blog. I’d become accustomed to a different format, a different host site, and a group of users I’d become familiar with. It was only when activity slowed on LJ that I realized I might need to find a new outlet. Regardless, this has been hard and I’ve failed a few times at beginning a “blog”.

First of all, there is the word “blog”. I have always kept a “journal”. “Blog” implies something different to me and I think that is where my problems with previous blogs began. Both consciously and subconsciously I believed that I had to follow a certain theme or recipe in order to write a successful, cohesive blog, that people would want to read. I myself have sought out blogs on specific topics and themes (e.g. gardening, photography). That being said, themes don’t work for me. As a former and sometimes current (paper) journal writer, my writing habits are different than those who started out as “bloggers”. My journal has always been a reflection of me in real time. It evolves with my lifestyle, my experiences, my gripes, my musings, et cetera. It changes day by day, mood by mood, experience by experience. I write about a lot of things ya’ll.

I also get bored incredibly easily if I feel pigeon-holed into one area of thought. That has always been my problem in life. I am indecisive and find it hard to commit. My path has always been obscured by too many options. As such, it’s been hard to find the right writing umbrella. I’ve found myself so frustrated by my own unnecessary constraints, that I’ve just given up for lack of direction. This brain of mine churns and burns through content and I want to have the freedom to write about all of it, or rather, the parts I’m willing to share (some things are always better left unsaid, after all). I guess I am giving myself permission to do that again.

So here is what I can tell you; My goal is to write somewhat consistently, and from the heart, and on topics that mean something to me– even if there is no congruence from one entry to the next. Β I hope that eventually the theme of this blog will develop organically. Essentially I hope that the combination of topics I write about will give readers a bit of a glimpse into my personality.

In essence I want to be my blog and I want my blog to be a part of me!

Overall,Β I can make a few guarantees about the type of entries you may find here in the future:

1. My shitty poetry- I write really, really bad poetry. I am generally too ashamed to share it with anyone, but occasionally, if the mood is right or if I’ve had enough to drink, you’ll find some poorly constructed prose.

2. Complaints about life- I am extremely opinionated, sometimes so much so that I think people need to stop what they are doing and read the things I have to say about stuff.Β Sounds enticing, eh? In all seriousness, I have a lot of opinions, and I’ve been told that I’m at my best when I’m passionately bitching about the wrongs of the world, or my messed up carry-out order from Taco Bell.

3. Animal Rights, LGBT Rights, Environmental Action: I am an avid animal lover, a fervent protector of my gay family and friends, and a closet-hippy. I don’t really like people that much, but I do believe that all we need is LOVE to move the world in a right direction- UNIVERSAL love to be specific.

4. My photography- I have been an amateur photographer for some years now and I really enjoy sharing my images with other people. I’m going to do my best to limit the number of stock images I use on this page, as it will give me incentive to take more pictures and build my portfolio.

5. Life events- This is an obvious topic, I think. I am very proud of my home, my marriage, and the family we’ve built with our wonderful dogs and cats.

6. Health, Fitness, Yoga, Meditation, Higher thinking, Spiritual Living, Being “Green” and Gardening. There may even be a little bit of food porn. *wink*

7. My indecisiveness. My pipe dreams. My big ideas. My random streams of thought.

8. My dreams, astrology, karma, and all things spiritual.

9. Life lessons, inspirations, quotes.

10. Topics of YOUR choosing- I LOVE engaging with readers and writing based on their feedback. I look forward to meeting new people and learning about their lives.

I hope you find something here that interests you. Feel free to leave comments and questions. Also, please follow me if you feel so inclined.

I am so incredibly excited to be here!

-Emily : )


12 thoughts on “Be the Blog

  1. Welcome to wordpress!

    Wow i haven’t heard the name “Life Journal” in a very long time! I had one in highschool ( I’m not that old I’m 25) and i used it very regularly. Then when college started i would pop in and out. Then i just forgot the username and password. Now it’s been years since I even thought about it. lol.

    • I was in college when I started my LJ, but I’m a little older than you, so probably around the same time. There were some great communities and people there. It’s too bad the forum changed so much, but that seems to be the case for many sites (hello, Myspace. haha). It was a long and difficult separation for me. I even tried to go back to LJ last year, and recruit all my old friends, but no one else took the bait, so to speak.

      Anyway, thank you for the welcome! : )

  2. Hi! Thanks for visiting and following my blog. It looks like you’re off to a great start here, and I have followed you back. Keep up the great work!
    Hopefully we can both give each other something to read that puts a smile or a smirk or a grimace on our respective faces!
    All the best.

  3. I love this post, and the promise of a blog…journal…whatever that follows exactly the anti-themed stuff you’ve described. I look forward to hearing more from you.

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