Mixtape Monday #1

Hello Human Being.

I am adding a new series of posts to my blog. Every Monday I am planning to post a song or video that resonates with my current state of being. When words fail, music will lead the way.

I often find that when I’m at a loss for words, music fills that void. Even better is the fact that I quite regularly happen upon a song ย that I’ve never heard before (or haven’t heard in years!), that quite perfectly resonates with my present challenges and experiences. Today is one of those days. It’s Monday. I’m coming off the high that always occurs after a day spent with the people who love me most, my family. I’m at work, but my mind is elsewhere. I’m still trying to make sense of the weekend’s occurrences and beyond that, I am trying to find a happy place, where sorrow seems to fit so well.

I was numbly scrolling through medical records, trying to maintain some sort of focus, when this song came on.

I absolutely LOVE The Cardigans, yet they are a band that hasn’tย received much circulation time, among the many bands I enjoy listening to. So it’s no surprise that I’d completely forgotten about this song. Strange that I haven’t heard it in years, and yet today it popped up on my random shuffle, when I most needed to hear it.

thecardigans For me it was just a small reminder to keep walking in the light. To keep being the light. It was a reminder that it is better to move with the current of change, to embrace transitions as they come, and to welcome new experience.

Starter by The Cardigans

This is a start
that I know I’ll believe in
so I’m leavin’ everything behind
Keeping the parts
that I know I’ll be needing
and I breed to be a better kind
And I’m leavin’ everyone behind

This is the age
when my past should be gone
but it’s just stronger than the aims I have
Turning the pages
I used to hang on to
I was young and I have changed my mind
And I’m leaving everything behind

New beginning again
a bit closer
new beginning again
a little bit closer
New beginning again
a bit closer to the end

This is the time
It’s a delicate line
to the beginning of what’s yet to come
Lifetimes of changes
a strange generation
explanations never come in time
So I’m leavin’ everything behind


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