Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art

Hello Human Being.

I don’t know what’s happened the last couple of weeks, but I completely spaced off the previous challenge (“On the Move”) AND I’m technically posting this one late. Meh. So be it. Onward and upward.

This week’s theme is: Work of Art

(Hosted by The Daily Post)

“When someone says “art,” they often use it as shorthand for “paintings and sculptures.” Art is everywhere, though: in nature, in architecture, in literature, and more. It’s anywhere we see beauty and meaning.”


“Nature is a haunted house–but Art–is a house that tries to be haunted.” 
― Emily DickinsonThe Complete Poems


I’ve always considered Nature to be the greatest source of inspiration for my own art, but in truth Nature is art itself and should be treated as such. The intricacies of this iris, for example, could never be reproduced with such delicacy and precision as has been done by our wondrous Mother Nature.


(All images in this post are copyright of the author and should not be reproduced or altered in any way. Thank you.)


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