I’m a Midwestern American girl with a Southern heart. I married my best friend. I love my pets, music, art, photography, yoga, books, aesthetics, ethnic food, genuine smiles, and laughing as much as I can.

Please take a look at my first post to learn more about this blog.

I write on various topics, including, but not limited to:

1. Relationships: How they thrive, how they fail, and everything in between.

2. Being: How to effectively be present and how to tune in to your true nature.

3. Yoga, spirituality, meditation, and self-work

4. Music on Mondays: I’m often short on words at the beginning of the work week, but music is near and dear to my heart.
Each post will have some significance to my current experiences and feelings.
To this end, these posts will be titled “Resonance ##”.
Take a peek at my first installment, Resonance #1.

5. Photography: I am participating in the Weekly Photo Challenge hosted by The Daily Post and will share at least one image from my portfolio each week.
I also try to include some of my work in the majority of my posts.
Take a peek at my first few submissions, Reflections, Street Life, and Threshold

6. Health, Nutrition, Fitness: I have always been naturally fit and active, but turning 30 sent my metabolism into a downward spiral.
I haven’t written much on this yet, but stay tuned for posts about my adventures in fitness as a 30-something female.

7. Dream Interpretation: This is something that has interested me for a long time.
These posts will be sporadic, but sometimes you just have “one of those dreams” that deserves some introspection, analysis, and reflection.
I’ve shared one of these posts already, In Search of Joie de Vivre.

8. Personal anecdotes, miscellaneous rants, and topics that have yet to be determined.

A Note on How I Address Each Entry

If you’ve spent any amount of time on my blog, you have probably noticed that I begin each post with “Hello Human Being”. Why do I do this, you ask?
When I was a student a great man once said to me: Are you a human doing, or a human being?
This simple statement is a reminder to me, to stay present, to appreciate my being fully, and to avoid going through the motions.
I believe that most people are well-served to remember that they too are human beings.
This address is my way of saying “Hey, have you checked in with yourself today? Are you present? Are you being or are you doing?”

Final Thoughts

My blog is an infant.
I am still learning how to use WordPress and you will likely see many changes to this page in the coming weeks.
If you have a suggestion for me, whether it be about formatting, topics I write about, topics you’d like to see, or anything else, please leave a comment!
I am really looking forward to making connections with other writers, photographers, and creative thinkers.


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