Mixtape Monday #4

Hello Human Being. It’s another Mixtape Monday! Today’s dedication goes out to Ani Difranco. I’m not entirely sure how I ended up listening to so much Ani this past week, but it seems that every time I do I hear … Continue reading

Being a Married Individual: Tips to See the Person Beyond the “We”

Hello Human Being. Today’s post is a follow-up of sorts to my last post (Being in Transition). The conflicts I wrote about in that entry have given rise to a realization about my life and one of my most prominent … Continue reading

Be Like Water: Finding Fluidity

Hello Human Being. It’s a beautiful day in Indiana. The thaw is over and new life is springing up everywhere. The last month has been a beast with bitter cold, high winds, and snow a little more than a week ago. … Continue reading

Dream Analysis 1- In Search of Joie De Vivre

Hello Human Being. Today I want to venture down a path that I’ve neglected for many years. There was a time, not so long ago and yet too long ago, that I wrote about my dreams. As I delved into … Continue reading

On Being Aware (Part 1)

Hello Human Being. The words I am about to type have no relevance whatsoever to the plans I had for this entry a week ago. Such is the case with so many of my personal experiences. You may recall an … Continue reading